Professional Excavations in Melbourne

Undertaking an excavation is a serious business. Each site has to be carefully surveyed. The correct equipment has to be used. It is also important to adhere to environmental duties and obligations as well as safety concerns. Experts for excavation Melbourne has can provide excavation services for a range of different situations.

Services provided

Companies for excavation Melbourne has today have excavators ranging in size from 1.5 tonnes to 35 tonnes. This can cover a whole range of different projects. Some of these are repairs and changes to critical municipal services. These include drainage and site cuts, electrical services, gas and water. There is also sewer along with irrigation services. Power lines and telecommunications excavation and maintenance are also very important. Added to this there are road and rail works. This covers road crossings, services and signaling. Finally, there are pipeline and civil works.

There could be a problem if a major project involves lots of different operators, subcontractors and companies in any excavation work. As a result, experts for excavation Melbourne has today can provide one solution to deal with any project, so costs can be kept down, and there is a comprehensive and coherent approach to any work that is needed.

Vacuum Extraction

If careful work is required protecting the roots of a tree for example during an excavation, then vacuum excavation and extraction can be used. This could also be applied to building foundations as well as cabling or piping that might be exposed. Also, in a suburban or urban setting, then a non-obtrusive/destructive method such as vacuum extraction could well be a good option to use.

There is a truck mounting 800 galleon FX powered vacuum extraction system with an additional hydraulic boom. This can be driven to any site where it is needed.

This NDD (Non Destructive Digging) equipment can drain fluids in pits and manholes. These include storm drains, conduits and pipes.

Directional Drilling

This system can be provided by those who conduct directional drilling Melbourne  has to offer. Again this is effective in residential settings. If care is needed around for example lawns, pavements, roads, railway lines, sewage, and underground piping then this method of drilling can be applied. This can be extended to irrigation drainage as well. With the increasing importance of fiber optic cables, then this system has an important part in rolling out the National Broadband Network (NBN).

The process involves drilling an actual hole under the ground surface. A pipe is quite often added for cables etc. to pass through.


If a larger option is needed, then experts of trenching Melbourne has today are able to excavate a trench. The system is known as “ditch witch” trenching. It uses a “chain drive” to dig out a trench. This would suit more open areas, such as fields and non urban settings.

This “bewitching” device can dig a trench as deep as 1.8 meters. It has a chain width of between 150mm-450mm.

The machinery ranges in size from 15 Horsepower up to 45 Horsepower.

This open trench system has a range of different applications.

These include:

  • Pipe and pit projects, power, irrigation and communications
  • Electricity, gas and water projects
  • Sewer services
  • Road and Railworks. This covers rail services and signaling as well as road crossings
  • Civil works
  • Pipeline projects

Therefore, for excavations and earth moving, it is best to use a company with the equipment and expertise to undertake this work. Check out

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